Welcome to Globetrotting History, the stories behind the sights of the world! This blog is all about travelling and uncovering the rich histories behind various locations from all over the world.

This blog was started by Charlotte, who has spent many years now also writing her own lifestyle blog, ‘Just Muddling Through Life‘, focussing on travel, fashion, entertainment, fiction, and general life topics. She is a keen traveller, who returned home to her native Scotland a year ago, after spending a few years living abroad in Asia. Charlotte now works in Edinburgh as a tour guide, which sparked an interest in history, eventually leading to the creation of this blog.

She writes articles based on locations she’s already travelled to, drawing on her own experiences there, and then doing additional research on more of the history that she perhaps forgot about or didn’t know about during her initial visits! New entries and locations will be added regularly, focussing on both specific attractions, and more general city guides.

If you have any questions, if you’d like to request any additional locations to be featured, if you’d like to contribute a guest post, or want to get in touch for any other reason, please contact cjballantyne113@hotmail.co.uk

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